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Fasteners commonly used detection equipment

Time:2017/7/14 14:37:37

Fastener development and design of the most important part of the quality control, from the feed to the finished product shipments have several mark, these several mark have different test methods. The first part of the feed is related to the appearance, size, elements, performance, detection of harmful substances, etc .; process is more appearance, size, percussion experiment, forging line; heat treatment is more appearance, hardness, torque, , Metallographic and so on; surface treatment is more of some hydrogen embrittlement testing, coating, salt spray, etc., including the shipment of a hazardous substance detection.


In size, appearance detection, the common is the second element, contour measuring instrument, coordinate measuring instrument, image sorting machine (this is a full election machine);


Mechanical and chemical testing, the main hardness machine (Luo and Vickers), Rally, metallographic microscope;


Material testing, there is a spectral analyzer, salt spray test machine.

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